The right facing Pepe


This Pepe is sometimes considered as a cursed Pepe, which no one can see why, this author thinks it may be because of the enlarged chin and mouth of the frog.

We’ll be seeing many more of these Pepes as this blog goes through it’s many iterations, but this one strikes me as different.

More to come, follow and like please, thanks.


Good evening and pepe


This is the second post of this magnificent blog.

Here we see an image of Pepe the frog waving at you, the user and saying hello or even saying goodbye with a smug look on his face.

Also made by the artist, Anonymous, this piece shows the finality of both goodbye and hello.

As always, praise Kek and Shadilay.


Home is where the Pepe is

Here is the first of many posts on this here website, we are going to catalogue all the Pepe images we find and describe these artistic pieces to you, the readers.

This is a magnificent 8-bit original Pepe piece by the artist Anonymous, we see the general simpleness of it gives the image the most amazing shine and simplicity we all need in life.

Praise kek and Shadilay.